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Project Developer

I’m obsessed with this building system! These beautiful structures are the next generation of building technology, sublime design, ahead of the curve and eco-friendly. They are super energy efficient, impervious to rot or pests, can withstand almost any type of natural disaster and are beautiful inside and out.

The exterior blends into its natural environment, adapting to any climate, giving you the impression of living in balance and harmony with nature. The interior is surprisingly spacious and modern with tall ceilings and smooth curved walls that refract light and give you the feeling of being in a cathedral.

Fully customizable, these special and unique structures can be adapted for many uses:

Eco Resort, Unique Air B&B, Hobbit House, Family Dream Home, Glamping, Community Housing, Specialty Business Concept.

Let me help you navigate through the building process to realize your construction project goals.


Disclosure: No representative of Wonderful Structures is authorized to receive money on behalf of the company.
All payments must be made directly to Wonderful Structures in the USA or to our production plant in Mexico, in the name of
Blake Corporation SA de CV.