Revolutionary Building Technologies

Tyler Moore


Business & Project Developer

I can help take your project from concept to completion by serving as a bridge between architects and engineers.

As a lifelong Alaskan with several years building and renovating remote cabins, I’m keenly aware of the nuances involved with bringing innovative structures into cold weather and even Arctic conditions.

My interest in sustainable and innovative structures began after retiring from the Marine Corps when I began exploring new ways to connect with nature in a sustainable and meaningful way. These structures are ideal for anyone who wants to build sustainably with innovative technology and unique design features.

Reach out if are a builder or developer interested in constructing something one of a kind in the Last Frontier.


Disclosure: No representative of Wonderful Structures is authorized to receive money on behalf of the company. All payments must be made directly to Wonderful Structures in the USA or to our production plant in Mexico, in the name of Blake Corporation SA de CV.