Eco-hospitality is becoming a new standard in the new post-covid global tourism market ad more travelers integrate their healthy preferences and values into their travel choices.

Using our Xagons Technology, investors, owners and/or hosts can design their own hospitality complex and build prefab cabins in a distinctive green eco-style that blends in seamlessly with the environment.

Travelers want…

Nature Experiences
Eco-Conscious Properties
Wellness Programming

Summer dreams offers unique designs that create an environment that positively impacts guests’ happiness, health and well-being, maximizing their experience.

Xagons Technology brings Designers and Architects ample creative flexibility with Cabin models designed to deliver the best guest experience, while controlling operational and maintenance costs to ensure a high return on investment for the hospitality service provider.




Completely waterproof, with clean spaces, Xagons Technology is built with modular components manufactured with the latest generation of fiber reinforced polymer technology. The Technology offer a wide range design possibilities, comfort, quick assembly, and total security based on professional engineering and construction level.

We combine materials and construction methods that are fast, efficient, renewable, wastereducing; to create uniquely beautiful and futuristic designs that blur the lines between inside and out.


Ecological material with Agave fibers

All Xagons technology components contain Agave fibers in their structure, which gives us an eco-friendly character.

Agave is agenus of monocots native to the hot and arid regions of the Americas and the Caribbean, although some Agave species are also native to tropial areas of North America, such as Mexico.


Here your will find answers to most of your questions about Glamping. If you do not see the answer here contact us and we’ll be happy to respond.

Xagons Technology in an innovative modular construction system – patented – that allows the construction of covered spaces of multiple sizes, with very little labor and in record time.
Resistant, lightweight and easy to transport, since its hexagonal components are stackable, occupying a minimum space during transport.

All the components of the Xagons technology contain Agave fibers in their structure, which gives the technology an eco-friendly character.
Agave is a genus of monocots native to hot, arid regions of the Americas and the Caribbean, although some Agave species are also native to tropical areas of North America, such as Mexico.

Because it is modular, there are no size limits to the spaces that can be generated, being able to create minimal spaces for Glamping and large covered surfaces for industrial warehouses.

The technology is manufactured with the latest generation of fiber reinforced composites and includes agave microfibers, which gives the technology an ecological character.

Yes, through our team of Architects and Engineers, we offer the possibility of attending personalized designs and offering covered spaces according to your needs.

The technology has the advantage of being able to offer any level of thermal insulation that is required, being able to generate an internal chamber of variable thickness, which can be filled with any type of conventional insulating material.

Our components can be painted on the internal side with a fire-retardant coating. We recommend either fire-free 8 or fireguard E-84.

Yes, it is possible, but only for large volume orders

The interior of the technology is made up of flexible FRP sheets, with a textured finish, which are offered in multiple colors, according to the needs of each project.

In general terms, the technology does not include a floor, but if your project requires it, we can study the possibility of offering it, depending on the type and size of the project.


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