• 2 Production plants:
    – Manufacture of Fiber Reinforced Components
    – Manufacture of Metal Structures

  • Team made up of Architects, Structural Engineers, Materials Engineers, Industrial Engineers and international business experts.

  • The technologies we have manufacture have been broadcast on Discovery Channel DIY Network.

  • Our technologies are eco-friendly. We care about the environment.

  • Technologies disseminated by more than 100 media woldwide and millions of views and reproductions on social networks.

  • We have exported to more than 25 countries in the world, including: USA, Dubai, Qatar, India, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Australia, Norway, Czech Republic, Hawaii, Philippines, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Costa RIca, Panama, Argentina, among others.

  • Patented Technologies and protected by rights of use and commercial exploitation worldwide.

Wonderful Structures’s research and development focuses on innovation in modular construction. Currently, R&D projects include technology for the Convention Centers, Music & Entertainment, Agro-Industry and Wellness.

Wonderful Structures main Partners:

Blake Corporation SA

Founders of the Polymer & FRP Foundation in Mexico, with more than 30 years in the market, and more than 2000 different products manufactured for Top Companies Worldwide, with a production plant with cutting-edge technology. Was the manufacturer for Green Magic Homes technology.

Del Valle Engineering SA

One of the most prestigious Metal Engineering companies in South America, with a robust team of Structural Engineers specialized in mega-structures for large shopping malls and convention centers, with a state-of-the-art metal production plant for the building industry. Co-Owner of the Patent of Invention known as ColFibrex and/or Green Magic Homes Technology.