Eco-hospitality is becoming a new standard in the new post-covid global tourism market and more travelers integrate their healthy preferences and values into their travel choices. Using our technology, investors, owners and/or hosts can design their own hospitality complex and build prefab cabins in a distinctive green eco-style that blends in seamlessly with the environment.

Our unique designs and its many features create a hospitality experience that integrates guests with the surroundings, fostering environmental awareness and appreciation of nature while offering significant advantages that deliver high-quality, authentic, memorable, and meaningful stays.

Travelers want…

Nature Experiences
Eco-Conscious Properties
Wellness Programming

Chic Fantasy Collection offers unique designs that create an environment that positively impacts guests’ happiness, health and well-being, maximizing their experience.

Our Structures brings Designers and Architects ample creative flexibility with pod home models designed to deliver the best guest experience, while controlling operational and maintenance costs to ensure a high return on investment for the hospitality service provider.


  • The system integrates with nature for a low visual impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

  • The construction withstands all weather conditions, including strong storms and hurricanes.

  • Units can be optimized for maximum performance in all climate zones.

  • The modular system reduces construction time by 50%-60%.

  • It can be placed on a slab, embedded in hills or cantilevered.

  • Construction times are very fast with modules made of long-lasting polymers that increase the product’s life cycle.

  • Exterior finishes, windows and accessories are shipped to the job site packaged with the structure.

  • The system generates low construction impact for ecologically sensitive areas.

  • A variety of exterior colors offers designers broad creative flexibility.


Here your will find answers to most of your questions about Chic Fantasy Collection. If you do not see the answer here contact us and we’ll be happy to respond.

The technology is manufactured with the latest generation of fiber reinforced composites and includes agave microfibers, which gives the technology an ecological character.

The technology is manufactured with materials similar to those used in Formula 1 and luxury yachts, which guarantees a long life and stability in their physical-chemical characteristics.

The average assembly time for a module or housing is 3 to 5 days, depending on the size of the project.

Yes, it is necessary to receive training or have a Certified Technology Builder. If you do not have it, you must request training from one of our experts.

Yes, once the technology is assembled, we suggest our clients apply polyurethane foam over the entire roof to achieve the desired level of thermal insulation.

Yes, our Chic Fantasy Collection includes the exterior finishing cover.

Yes, the Globus Full includes the metal structure, designed to support the raised sphere, which is firmly anchored to the floor.

If you are a builder and are interested in building and commercializing our technology, you can apply through the form for: Distributors

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